Programming in Python for the Complete N00B

UPDATE: I’ve began another tutorial entitled Creating Pygame Games (for the complete n00b) if you want a sneak peek go HERE .

What this Tutorial covers:

First of all, I’m going to assume you have never programmed in your life. This tutorial aims to walk you through the basic in and outs of the python language. This is meant to be a beginner’s course on programming in general, but is also a good reference for the more advanced programmer that hasn’t used Python before.

Why Python?

Python is a very powerful and flexible programming language and is said by many to be the easiest to learn. You can write anything from simple scripts to full-fledged games and applications. It is open-source, which means it is free! There is a ton of documentation out there.

To Start You Need:

A copy of python (updated monthly with all necessary files for newbies) – You can find it here - http://www.learn-to-program.net/download/python

Note: This tutorial is geared for any version of Python before Python 3.0. However the upgrade should only affect the print function in this tutorial so those of you using Python 3.0 or higher should use print (” Text here” ) or print (” Text here”, x), where x is a variable

An editor – Python comes bundled with IDLE, a very good editor to start with as you can use it as a command line or full editor, also you can run your programs straight from it just by hitting F5. There are many other editors out there for free and for $$$, with many different features. I recommend starting with IDLE and branching out from there.

A computer-I’m going to assume you already have one of these. ;-)

That’s it! We’re ready to start.

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